Nowadays people have something in common which is called Sadness. Busy life, work pressures and other issues have led people in mere despair. To make yourself happy , motivated and cheerful, you need to try the amazing self help books to give a new meaning to your life and unveil the secret of happiness. If you are bored of your life or are facing some issues or you are fed up of your life or you feel demotivated then such books are your ultimate saviour.These books that I am going to share with you all will totally change your perspective of life.So, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to make way for your happiness in life.


Hello! I am Harshita Aneja.I have recently started writing blogs on the books that i read and think that will definitely help others to get motivated.There was a point of time in my life when I used to feel demotivated most of the time and kept complaining about my life.Earlier I used to read fictional novels but then i shifted my genre to motivational / self help books. And this actually helped me alot. It gives a mental satisfaction and peace to read such books that are very relatable to your life and help in giving best advices on how to deal with them. If there are no problems in life, then is it really a life? Life is full of surprises and sun shines after a dark night. So nothing is permanent in life. Not even the sadness. Time heals everything. The ultimate motivation comes from within. Give some time to these books and look what magic happens in your lives.Honestly, these books helped me alot to change the perspective of my life and made me happier, optimistic and motivated. So I wanted to share the same with you all. Here’s the list of those best books that will help to change your mindset and living your life happily.


A national best seller book written by a world famous monk and a former engineer Gaur Gopal Das is a perfect book to find happiness and purpose of your life. It helps to find meaning of a happy living and to align with the life you want to live. While navigating their way through Mumbai’s terrible traffic, Gaur Gopal Das and his wealthy young friend Harry get talking, delving into the concepts ranging from human condition to finding one’s purpose in life and the key to lasting happiness. After reading this book, you will surely start appreciating your life even more . This book will help you to discover your true potential.It’s written in a very simple and an understandable language. You will begin falling in love with your life and be even more grateful with every chapter that you will read.This book is divided into 4 parts that is, relationships, personal life, social contributions and worklife.It helps you to understand how to maintain a balance among these in your life.There is also an incident which happened a few years ago.A man was attempting to suicide as he was really fed up of his life,Just before he was about to committ suicide, he got to know about this amazing book and started reading the book . Once he got over with reading the book, he gave a fresh start to his life and never thought of suicide again. His perspective of life totally changed. He even mailed it to Gaur Gopal Das.You should really get your hands on this book if you really want to be happy in life. One of the best quotes from this book is “When things are beyond our control and there’s nothing you can do about them, then why worry?”


Times of India best seller “Life is what you make it”by Preeti Shenoy is a perfect book for finding love, hope and determination in life , which can do wonders to your life and can be even helpful in overcoming your destiny.The story revolves around a girl who is a prodigy and aces in her studies and had fallen in love. She had a crush on a boy and then later, her feelings started fading away when she met another boy from her college while graduating. Later she dumped that boy and later that boy committed suicide.While she was doing her further studies,the thought of her late boyfriend started to haunt her and gradually started affecting her studies to such extent that she fell into depression. Her condition started deteriorating and later she was even admitted to a mental hospital. The studious girl whose life changed like a nightmare by just one incident, struggled and tried to overcome depression.It took a lot of time and efforts to bring her out of depression.

Her strong willpower and determination was the key to fight her depression.15 Years later, she got married , had 6 degrees and a beautiful daughter. This book is a perfect example of how your will power and determination can help you to fight with even the toughest of hurdles in life.


A funny, candid and light hearted book by Shailendra Singh is a perfect book for those who want to live life on their own terms. If you don’t know the answers to the questions – What do you want from life? Are you happy? What do you want to do? Are you doing the right thing? Then this book is the solution for all such questions in life. 

This book is successful in delivering the message by including the humorous realities of life.You will connect to the most of it.This book is so indulging that once you start reading it, you will end up reading it all.The things written in the book will actually make you think about it and implementing them in your life.You will feel good about the things written in this book about life which you otherwise don’t pay attention to. The successful entrepreneur wrote this book by wittily highlighting the realities of life. It will make you laugh,think and implement. If you are reading this book then, your happy life has already started.

It’s a simple, straightforward and simple book which will leave you laughing on the realities of life.


If you are hopelessly tired of your life, want to live a good life, then you should grab this book for sure. Many of us struggle throughout our lives by paying attention to unnecessary situations. Actually the one’s on which we don’t pay attention make a difference . Paying unnecessaryily attention to many things only makes us feel low, sad and demotivated.

So the key to live a happy life is by not giving attention to many useless thing in our lives. Pay attention to only those situations which are gonna change your life. When we give attention to each and every situation in our life then it will only harm us as we will be focussing on it too much instead of correcting it and looking it in a positive way. This book actually emphasises on how to handle even the worst of the situations differently.Actually, when you will not care anymore about useless things, you will be happy most of the time. So, if you are overthinker , you think a lot about other people’s opinions about you then my friend this is the one you should definitely read and spend sometime to live your life with a different approach.


Some books are evergreen. Whenever you turn their pages, you will find something new.

This self help book will help you to conquer worry and lead a happy life. It stresses upon the fact that worrying for something does not help you to solve the problem but ultimately affects your peace.It tells about the scientific facts related to worry and how to overcome it.The message conveyed is that we need to start living happily. It tells us about the ways to overcome worrisome situations in our lives.

The author Dale Carnegie makes everything quiet and clear.His language is pretty easy and elaboration is detailed and well explained. This book is a masterpiece by him. He has shown some practical steps in the way of becoming a person free from fear and non sense worries. It totally depends on us whether we want to live happily or we want to become sad.This book is time tested and have paved the way for millions of people to live their life happily.It will help you learn to better cope with worry, anxiety and stress which are damaging to health and well being. This book was written long ago and still all the principles hold true.This book absolutely applies to our lives today also.


Here’s the list of the best 5 self help books and the links from where you can buy them-







Life’s amazing secrets

Gaur Gopal Das

Penguin India



Life is what you make it

Preeti Shenoy

Srishti Publishers



F?@k  Knows

Shailendra Singh

Rupa and Co.



The subtle art of not giving a F*ck

Mark Manson

Harper one



How to stop worrying and start living

Dale Carnegie

Createspace Independent


Everyone’s stressed right? It’s the world we live in. We all have problems and worries. What is even life without any problems and challenges . Obviously circumstances alone do not make us happy or unhappy. It’s the way we react to the circumstances and deal with the situations, that determines our feelings. The real motivator lies within us. No one can motivate you like the way you can motivate yourself. So be happy and handle them with calmness. Life is full of challenges. We just can’t simply escape from them. Hiding from the problem just worsen it. The struggles makes us stronger. The main thing is how you deal with your problems. Dealing with the problems calmly with a smile on face will make half of the problems vanish. So, start from today itself to find the reasons to be happy. You can find a lot of reasons for sadness but it’s very difficult to find reasons for happiness. And once you do it, you will start seeing the change in your life. To start living happily, just start reading these books and implement what is written in them and see the magic that will change your life.

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